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15 November 2022 - 24 November 2022
Hospitalet de Llobregat , Spain

The Smart City Expo World Congress will host a chief Networking event:

It is the Brokerage 2022! Smart City Challenges, proposing...

The 3 Smart City Challenges:

Cities' Challenges


15/Nov 12:30-13:30h , ONSITE

Open Innovation Challenges

Can you solve any of the following 17 Challenges? 

International Innovation Procurement Opportunities session

What is the Open Innovation Challenge?

Who is involved?

Why joining us?

Green Transition Challenges

Brokerage 2022! Smart City Challenges

The Brokerage is the main international matchmaking activity within the SCEWC. A unique opportunity to set 30-minute, pre-scheduled B2B/B2G/G2G meetings, to foster valuable connections with potential business partners, clients and/or suppliers.

The onsite meetings will be on 15-17/Nov, while the week after 22-24/Nov will be for online meetings and a Cities' Ch. pitching session.

The event aims at working with SMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurs, universities, research groups, corporations, public institutions, to find partners for product development, manufacturing, licensing agreements, joint ventures or other types of collaboration.

Discounts to the participants in the Mathmaking event! 

If you have up to 2 meetings ask us for a 50% discount to the Expo's fee!

Deadline Friday 11/NOV, 14h

Mentoring to reach investors

Go to the Tab for more details on it!

Smart City Congress

The Smart City Expo World Congress is held in the venue's main auditorium, thematic rooms, and several open stages called Agoras, and also includes a powerful digital program broadcast live at Tomorrow.City. The congress tracks present dedicated sessions honing in on the most critical issues facing cities today.

Follow us on Twitter at @eencat and share your opinion with #SmartCityBrokerage  #SCEWC #SmartCityBrokerage

Closed since 24 November 2022
Location Agora, Green Zone, Hall 2, Fira Gran Via, Av. Joan Carles I, 64. Hospitalet de Llobregat
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